Encompass Mental Health delivers counseling therapy that uniquely focuses on the needs of children, their families, their caregivers and their communities as part of every service.

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Counseling Services

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Play Therapy

While adults use words to communicate, young children don''t have this capacity. Play therapy helps children to use toys and play to communicate their needs and experiences and establish solutions to problems

Couple and Family Therapy

When a couple or a family is involved in therapy, the focus is on the relational unit, not an individual client. All family members that are a part of that unit are regularly and actively involved in the therapy process, and all help to contribute to the solution to the problem

Counseling for Adults

When adults attempt to raise a family, maintain a healthy romantic relationship, hold a job and complete household tasks, emotional health suffers. Individual therapy for adults can help get emotional health and stability back in check to help the adult to better manage these roles while focusing on their own mental health needs.

Child Care Programs

Many child care programs unintentionally and unknowingly neglect the major needs of the children they care for because of a variety of reasons. Consultations can help child care programs to improve their program, environment and staff to better meet the needs of the children they care for and decrease problematic behaviors.

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